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Originally Posted by doshu View Post
I like this thread a whole lot better after last few responses, I didnt even wanted to check back but I am glad I did..

I always believed the reason cross drilled rotors performed better was due to cooling made possible by the actual holes in extreme conditions when racing and not due the grip of of the rotors. I guess placebo gets the better of a driver often.

And I am just as shocked of my mature response as well, I guess I got a lot of practice.. aka "Yes, dear."

A question, big brake kits are also heavier, I wonder if that plays a factor at all in actual braking as well, whatchumacall it the free/loose weight or something? or am I mixing that with wheels?
They are heavier, but the brake torque that's generated will be greater due to the larger diameter, but more importantly, the increased mass allows for significant increases in heat capacity and therefore fade resistance. The increased mass is sprung weight and will have a detrimental effect on acceleration, though not to the same extent as wheels and tires (since brakes obviously have a smaller radius than a wheel and tire)

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