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Originally Posted by Sanchjer View Post
Yeah the same went with me. But all the people who were telling me it cost to much to keep up a BMW or that BMW were crap cars, never owned one in there life. So I went for it and bought one. Found out they are easy cars to work on and fun as well. You'll def save a lot of money if you can turn a wrench. But you will love the car, I can't wait to drive mine everyday I wake up haha. You may want to check your power steering fluid and make sure it looks clean and look for leaks as well usually they will come from the hoses under the res. or the ones to the right of the radiator, if not just flush it and add some new ATF, I use Valvoline but like you said people will have different choices. I would also check the brake fluid and brake lines, the fluid may need to be changed.
I know what you mean about how fun to drive it is. I just got rid of a first gen Miata so I know the basics of fun to drive... This is just a whole new level and I have a sedan lol. Can only imagine what an m3 feels like...

Brake fluid was flushed at 18.5k miles in august 2007.
Will check it anyway. I should just check to make sure it's not dark and that it's full, right?

Same goes for power steering I imagine?
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