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Originally Posted by carcus View Post
Not having problems with stovepipes...not one at all...they just seem to hang up on the ramp.
I know exactly what you are talking about. My Kimber did that. It's a form of stovepipe malfuction, and is the stovepipe I was referring to. It's because of the ramp and chamber being too tight of tolerance. If you want the problem to reduce, get a heavier spring. If you want it to be eliminated, either start handloading your ammo or get it milled by a gunsmith. If you handload your ammo and put on tighter crimps, your Kimber will run like a Swiss clock. Getting it milled is the permanent and more reliable solution, though.

If you call Kimber, they won't talk to you about it over the phone. It doesn't matter who you are. They will answer hypothetical questions, but that's about it. You'll be required to prove ownership and date of purchase, send it in at your own expense, and then they'll ship it back to you when complete, also at your expense. Likely they will tell you that it's nothing wrong mechanically, and they'll tell you they can mill it out for you, but you'll have to pay for it since it's not a warranty issue.
Kimber doesn't really view that as a problem. It hampers reliability, but it does lend to Kimbers being incredibly accurate. To date, my Kimber is probably the most accurate handgun I've shot. There is some logic behind it for competition and target shooting. This is also part of the reason why LAPD guns (TLE, TLE/RL, SIS) are not the "Premium Match Grade" level, and just standard "Match Grade". The high-end guns are too picky. The same goes for the DesertWarrior pistols issued to USMC MEU-SOC. Of course, those guns are custom-built for those groups, so I suspect that they're not using commercial tolerances, but instead using agency-specific tolerances.
I know a lot of cops that carry 1911s, and they all carry Springfields, Colts, Paras or Wilson Combats.

Originally Posted by carcus View Post
I understand....and when you pay that much for a gun...should have no least that is how I feel. I would never have the 1911 as a carry gun anyways though. Right now, what I depend on is the Glock 21 and Glock 26. Never had any issues or misfires with a Glock....even my Glock 19 I just sold. Funny thing though, my friend just got a Glock 19C and it has jammed quite a few times. I am stumped on that one. I think it is because of the compensated barrel on the 9mm....don't know. Any ideas? He has been shooting WWB ammo. All my Glocks eat that like candy. He has only put 300 rounds through it.
More than likely he's limp-wristing the gun. I've seen people develop a nasty flinching from shooting the compensated models. They have a lot of "bark" to them, so it's possible that he's developed some kind of psycho-physiological coping or compensating action that is causing the gun to malfunction. Glocks don't have a ton of mass, so you need to counter the recoil. You can't just allow it to recoil back.
That, or he's using inadequate ammunition. The malfunction trouble-shooting order for from most common to least common with Glocks is SAMM:

For polymer guns, the best way to diagnose a malfunction issue is to have someone else shoot it. Preferably someone who is familiar with polymer guns and their shooting dynamic. If the problem clears itself up, then you know it's the shooter. If the problem persists, then go to different ammo.

I don't know if you've determined what ammo you're going to carry in your G26 or not, but I would recommend that you use 124gr +P loads with a bonded hollow-point bullet. The Federal Tactical HST 124gr+P and Speer Gold Dot 124gr+P are the two best, but others to consider are the Winchester Bonded PDX 124gr+P and Remington Golden Saber Bonded 124gr.
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