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Originally Posted by sprintman View Post
I ran my last lot of RX about 12,000kms from memory. 10,000kms/6,000 miles this time. My shop says it's the best running E46 they see period. RX is my little secret!
Hello Sprintman, everyone,
Class of 2011 reporting in...
Bought an 02 330ci zsp 116k miles on it abt 2 months ago.
The it was dealer maintained by a mature previous owner. But he only fixed stuff that broke. (power seat motor, windshield, door seals etc..)
No preventative maintenance done to it.

I can deal with other things that need to be done to it, but it took 1 quart after 700miles!!!
(CCV is clean, no leaks in the valve cover or oil pan. I do get a puff of white smoke on cold start but very little)

Not knowing this as the previous owner neglected to mention it... I've done other obvious stuff such as; 2 front tires, alignment, diff and tranny fluids w/ auto rx.

Now i just started the engine oil. I have castrol gtx 10w-40 dino w/ 2 bottles of auto-rx in the sump.

can you tell us what the "results" of your treatment/flush cycle did for you?

i will update my findings soon (doing a x country trip tomorrow NJ=>CA)

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