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Lightbulb Cylinder lock

I just want to thank everyone who contributed to this thread. Ever since I bought my 2000 BMW 323i a few weeks ago, I had not been able to lock the car. The key did not work on the driver's side and it also did not lock the car electronically. I was driving to work and the mall and leaving it unlocked to make it easy for a car thief to have his way. Thanks to your post, I can happily say that I was able to repair the lock myself.

I had called the dealer and they said the lock would be $111.00 + $200 for labor So I decided to go to a nearby junkyard. They removed the lock cylinder from a BMW in their yard. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, the long rod that connects to the lock was broken and it was the only one they had. The guy at the place said that it was probably the same rod that was broken on mine and since I had not taken mine apart to check, I took it as fact. While at the yard, I dismantled the part to see how it was put together. They were impressed that I knew how to take it apart (I only knew thanks to the video of how to put it back together on this thread ) I was disappointed and asked the guy if I could take the part home and he agreed since he would not be able to sell it broken.

I got home and began to remove the one on my door. I was scared at first, because I could tell that the previous owner had attempted this already. I found this out when I realized he had replaced the allen screw holding the cylinder with a basic phillips screw. I looked inside with a flashlight and saw that the rod was intact. I removed the lock cylinder and compared it to the one I had brought home. It turned out that the part that was broken on mine, was intact on the junkyard one. I switched the parts and very carefully reassembled. The spring was the hardest part, but a pair of small pliers did the trick. When I was done the lock looked new. I put it back in and now it works fine

I can finally sleep knowing my car is locked.

Does it come in metallic blue?

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