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Originally Posted by antonmn View Post
Last year I ran with 2/3 of a can of SeaFoam (basically a solvent) in the the crankcase for about 2500 miles. It really loaded up the oil filter with flaky crap, and caused the filter pleats to distort, as though they were under a lot of backpressure.

Long story short, it loosened a lot of garbage and sent it to the filter, which is what we want. But I'd probably only run it for maybe a thousand miles at a time. Maybe do that a few cycles with a cheaper dino oil.
tsk tsk tsk. I bet the oil you took out of there was thicker then gear oil. You shouldn't have driven it more then 100-200 miles tops with seafoam, you were just asking for trouble.

Originally Posted by OrientBlau View Post
Ive heard Sea Foam is all placebo.
Sorry to say, you've heard wrong. All that smoke produced with seafoam is cleared carbon build-up. It stabilizes idle, cleans the injectors, and it has personally given me improved gas mileage.
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