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Originally Posted by jkahng View Post
Hello Sprintman, everyone,
Class of 2011 reporting in...
Bought an 02 330ci zsp 116k miles on it abt 2 months ago.
The it was dealer maintained by a mature previous owner. But he only fixed stuff that broke. (power seat motor, windshield, door seals etc..)
No preventative maintenance done to it.

I can deal with other things that need to be done to it, but it took 1 quart after 700miles!!!
(CCV is clean, no leaks in the valve cover or oil pan. I do get a puff of white smoke on cold start but very little)

Not knowing this as the previous owner neglected to mention it... I've done other obvious stuff such as; 2 front tires, alignment, diff and tranny fluids w/ auto rx.

Now i just started the engine oil. I have castrol gtx 10w-40 dino w/ 2 bottles of auto-rx in the sump.

can you tell us what the "results" of your treatment/flush cycle did for you?

i will update my findings soon (doing a x country trip tomorrow NJ=>CA)
VANOS seals rejuvenated, compression up, smooth as silk, zero oil consumption now. Run it at leat 5,000 miles and if you add oil add some RX too.
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