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Originally Posted by singry View Post
Ok, so maybe this has been talked about before... I am sure it has, I've seen someone mention it on here. I didn't pay attention because I wasn't having that issue or i simply was not noticing that part. When using iGO nav the time seems to always be incorrect, it's as if it resets it self. I always have to set the time to get a correct ETA. Is there a way around this? Or a fix or something...... Anyone?
it seems the system time is always incorrect for me, 1 hour off (on the android side). no setting for daylight savings is the problem i think

Originally Posted by singry View Post
I just installed this to try it out, but after installing it I go to open it but it's greyed out.... And I can't see it on the unit. This is the second app I installed and this happens. Anyone having this issue?
you would use this on your phone to activate your hotspot, not on the unit.

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