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Originally Posted by sprintman View Post
VANOS seals rejuvenated, compression up, smooth as silk, zero oil consumption now. Run it at leat 5,000 miles and if you add oil add some RX too.
Thanks for the info!!
Very nice to hear that auto rx works on the M54.
I had a pretty severe vcg leak on my maxima that auto rx cured... My auto tranny became silky smooth as well.

The only thing is....
I'm using US spec Castrox GTX 10W-40. Where as the euro spec Castrol GTX 10w-40 dino IS good for A3/B3, US spec is not.
I couldn't get my hands on PP 5w-30 which is group III

I'm not sure I want to leave it in so long.

I'll be changing the oil filter at abt 1,200miles into the treatment and changing the oil at abt 3200miles I don't want to harm the engine.
I'll just do another treatment if i'm not satisfied....

Again, Thanks for the info.
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