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Originally Posted by jkahng View Post
Auto RX is a cleaner. It was developed for cleaning printing presses and invented by mistake.
I will slowly dissolve sludge over a 6000mile treatment/rinse cycle.
I don't think there's any teflon in it at all.

There's a religious following on bob's the oil guy forum. I would use it on any car that doesn't require synthetic oils but I had to do some research before I did it on my 330ci.
You're right, I must have been thinking of another product.

During the treatment, they say you're supposed to run your car with conventional oil, and attribute oil burn to leaky seals stiffened by synthetic oil. I'm not sure if I believe their information about synth-oils, however I have seen the product work successfully. Guy had an older Honda with ~250k miles, and was burning a quart of oil every 800 miles. After the treatment, which took quite a while, it eventually stopped or slowed to the point where the burn was no longer noticeable.

So +1 for AutoRx. Not sure how many people on this forum would be brave enough to use it as our BMWs call for synthetic.
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