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Originally Posted by Brilliant View Post
I would modify the baskets rather than mount the speakers to your parcel tray. I thought it might sag overtime so I wanted the basket to support as much as possible. Its actually a snug fit.

Here is what I ended up with for the 60.9CS woofer. Don't worry about messing them up, a new set is like 20 bucks, and yes, it took me two tries of experimenting. You can cut the entire basket off though and just use the ring as a mount. As I said I didnt like this since it left the speaker hanging on the parcel tray.

those are the same kappa's that I used - or at least they look the same. Mine fit without modifying the cup. However, I used one of the grill plates from the box to mount it down to and now it bounces off the grille when installed. I need to go back out and figure how to adapt it to the cup without the grille-ring so it sits lower. It might not fit by the time I figure that out..
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