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Originally Posted by singry View Post
I am about to order this antenna adapter (40-VW53) .... Is there any instruction on here as to how to install it?... i feel like I'm still having reception issues.
Thanks in advance.
its very easy, the 40-VW53 adapter has a power wire, splice it into the red wire on the dynavin harness to power it.

Originally Posted by jmejiaa View Post
So does the radio side have an external mic for BT where as Android side has the mic on the unit itself?
no you have this backwards. Bluetooth is the built in mic, android is the external mic.

Originally Posted by jmejiaa View Post
I actually emailed Dynavin and they said they might have ipod auto-resuming by end of year. Not sure how much we can believe them but they seem to be a reputable company thus far, right?
I dont see this happening with existing hardware but we can hope.

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