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Originally Posted by Hackb431 View Post
2002 M3 Vert 47k miles

Well about 5 months ago I got the yellow SMG light and the car drops out of gear or won't go into N to start. Replaced the relay and no issues until just this weekend. Now the yellow SMG light comes on and sometimes the car drives perfectly normal and other times it wants to shift from 2nd to 5th gear. Now after it skips 3rd and 4th and gets into 5th I can usually down shift back into 3rd and 4th. This happens more in manual control but is perking up more in automatic control as well. Had the dealer hook it up to the fancy laptop diagnostic and it comes out faulty gear position sensor. Anyone else had this problem or have a write up on DIY. The fix is not too bad...just about $800 but half of that is labor if it's something I can get to.

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Did you ever get any answers about changing it? Can it just be changed or some seem to think it needs to be programed???
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