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Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post
Where did the timecert thing come up!?!?

Just put the 10mm raceware studs in and be done with it.

The problems people see with the studs pulling out are from overheating the M54 block (water pump failure) not from too much power.

I was on the phone with a guy yesterday for nearly an hour discussing this topic....learned a lot about his engine program, and was able to share a bit of my experience. Sad story though...engine did overheat and he's now looking for a new block.
I thought that was the issue(overheating), this is what vac says ;
Aluminum Block Engines Use Raceware Head Stud Kits and must betime serted for proper installation. Inquire about our Time Sert kit or our in house proprietary time serting service.
I guess that's just as a safety ?

Dunno how much thread engagement there is but with a timesert you only get 25mm(longest i found)
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