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Originally Posted by BayrischeMotorWerk View Post
For me the most important part in this movie has been the dipping of the chassis into the KTL anti corrosion bath.
I live in a country that for month has temperatures around the freezing point. This means cars here, gets easy rust
on body and parts that are not good protected.
Previously I had Ford and they made so bad anti corrosion protection, that I decided to switch to BMW.

I also like to see how they install good parts into the BMW's that is very rare to see in Denmark. The price for a car
in Denmark is 3 x the price in most other countries. This means, most cars here has almost NOTHING installed. The
radio is still a casett play without CD, climate control is manual, there are no leather seats, no xenon light, manual
gear shift, back seat can't be lowered, and so I could go on. I guess the guys at BMW are laughing their a.... out
when they install the BMW's for the danish market. Those cars are really ripped for everything of value.

But great movie, I just missing to see how they manufacture the engines. Could be interesting to see. From the movie
I could hear the engines are manufactured in many different countries. The V6 comes from Austria.
V6 engines?? u mean to say the i6 engines?? as far as i know, BMW never produced V6 engines. it went from i6 to V8.

its not only in Denmark. Even in Mauritius we have few luxuries. though we have CD players, leather seats and xenon lights, we rarely have heated seats for 3-series. or maybe its bcoz we live in a tropical island.. i'm not sure. but its like our 3-series are never equipped of an i-Drive system and most of our bimmers come from South Africa.

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