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Originally Posted by CokMinusTheS54 View Post
Those FKs will not be super stiff by any means. Unless you have some knowledge on adjustable damping and/or are keen on sensing differences in damping rates, then having adjustable damping isn't really worth anything to a driver. Having adjustable ride height is phenomenal because you can change it (fairly easily if needed) anytime if you change your mind, want moar low, or even seasonally. And of course you can dial in that exact drop you want without hoping that fixed lowering springs like H&Rs are low enough or aren't too low.

On a different note, I really want to take my car to Hartland park this summer!! I just bought some new Zimmerman cast-holed rotors, new pads, and SS lines, waiting to be installed. Has anyone gone for track day yet?
I think they have once already, was the opening day.

Next track day is the 22nd. A bunch of these guys and I are going out, but I can't drive (not 18 )

Originally Posted by cardsfan007 View Post
what about tearing apart my axels, cv boots, etc?
What, from the lowering? Its all possible, I suppose, but If you only want to lower 1" from your current (XI) suspension, then you'll be fine

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