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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
I think they have once already, was the opening day.

Next track day is the 22nd. A bunch of these guys and I are going out, but I can't drive (not 18 )

What, from the lowering? Its all possible, I suppose, but If you only want to lower 1" from your current (XI) suspension, then you'll be fine
Thing is, xi's have a terrible week point with the front axles and cv joints. My cv joints are currently shot, Im replacing them within the next couple weeks. Need to find the right part for the right price. One of the main reasons that jay switched to rwd is because the front axles fail all the time, and I dont want to lower my car too much where mine would start failing constantly. And as you know, missouri has terrible roads so I dont want to bottom out or break something from being too low
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