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DIY: Aux/mechanical fan to electric fan swap


- Floor jack and one jack stand
- Philips screwdriver
- Torx 25 bit
- 8" extension
- 3/8ths ratchet
- 8mm socket or 8mm wrench
- 9mm socket
- 13mm socket
- Fan clutch tools
- OEM electric fan: 17117561757
- Expanding rivet: 17111712963 (for the expansion tank side to hold fan to frame)
- Torx screw: 17117536972 (for passenger side to hold fan to frame)
- Expanding rivets: 51718229003 (4)
- 51118174185 (as many as your break)
- 51471919209 (as many as your break)


- Jack up one side of car (I did the drivers side) and put one jack on the metal plate
- Remove the 8mm bolts holding bumper to the fender liners
- Take out the reinforcement bolts with 9mm socket/ratchet/extension
- Slide bumper out (unclip wiring for fogs and horn)
- Take out the top air intake
- The center duct is held by four pop in screws
- Aux fan is held by four 13mm nuts, take them out
- Disconnect the aux fan by the fan shroud in the engine bay
- Slide the fan out
- Put the center duct back in and top air intake
- Put the front bumper back on in reverse order (slide in, put in the two reinforcement bar bolts and the assorted bolts to the liners.
- Next you have to take the mechanical fan out
- Pop out the fan control unit on the shroud and the other wiring and put them to the side
- Take out the 1 torx screw on the passenger side top and loosen up the fan shroud
- Use the fan clutch tool to loosen the bolt and take out the assembly
- Take your electric fan and slide it against the radiator and screw in the torx screw
- Plug the electric fan to the connector where the aux fan was plugged into
- Place back the control unit and the other wiring to the electric fan shroud

Viola, you're done.

It is good to also replace preventatively your lower radiator hose sensor and 50A fuse which control the electric fan.

Lower hose sensor: 13621433077


- MUCH easier removal of fan to do engine work
- Remove mechanical clutch fan where the clutch may sieze and blow the fan into pieces
- Preventing cooling system/body damage upon failed fan clutch
- Remove parasitic drag from engine
- Clean up front of car by removing auxiliary fan
- Weight reduction
- Sound reduction
- Improved acceleration (due to removed parasitic drag)

Fan purchase sources: (Updated 10/27/16)

Behr Electric Fan
$187.48 at PartsGeek:
$201.36 at AutoPartsWay:
$208.99 at BluntTech:
$212.82 at BimmerParts:
$229.95 at Turner Motorsport:
$254.95 at ECS Tuning:
$255.99 at FCP Euro:
$274.99 at eEuroparts:

CoolXpert Electric Fan
$173.98 at RM European:
$192.00 at Pelican Parts:
$185.88 at Guten Parts:
$185.72 at AutohausAZ:
$239.99 at FCP Euro:

Genuine BMW Fan

$472.99 (449.99 minus potential discount codes) at FCP Euro:
$467.93 at ECS Tuning:

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