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Originally Posted by Grinch330ci View Post
Interesting product, forgive my ignorance but does this harness connect the wires from the head unit to the amp or the wires from the amp to the speakers? also, and more importantly, do you have left?
This harness is used to replace completely the OEM amp with a balance-input compatible aftermarket amp.

For example, the OEM amp is unplugged from the OEM audio connector and then a JBL MS-8 8-channel amp/processor could be connected to this harness (RCA outputs from the OEM HU/Nav unit, and the OEM speaker wires inputs) and then plugged into the OEM audio connector in the car. All the OEM speakers (except the HK woofers) can be powered by this 8-channel amp/processor. No OEM wires or OEM connectors are cut, spliced or tapped. All input and output connections are done at the harness except main 12V power, which should always be done at the battery.

I have a few E46 HiFi harnesses left.

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