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DIY: Stett Performance E46 M54 3.0L Silicone Throttle Body Boot Kit

This will be my second DIY for the Stett Performance E46 M54 3.0L Silicone Throttle Body Boot Kit, unfortunately these hoses do not fit any other M54 engine but the process is the same. The reason for replacement was that I bought the Stett Performance E46 (Non-M) Silicone Radiator Hose Kit and thought I might as well pick these up to replace my original throttle body boots. A secondary consideration was that the silicone boots will be much more resistant to heat than the original rubber hence providing some insulation to the intake charge. I didn't know my original boots were torn but we'll come to that later.

This DIY is a replacement of both of the original throttle body boots, upper and lower (which has the elbow going to the IACV).

You might notice some of the pictures have various parts installed at various points, I messed up the photo order and had to take some during reinstallation of the components

Tools required:

6mm socket
10mm socket
13mm socket
T30 torx bit
T40 torx bit
Small flat bladed screwdriver

Parts required:

Stett Performance E46 M54 3.0L Silicone Throttle Body Boot Kit
Hose clamp 95-102mm (1x) 9 952 137 (this MAF sized hose clamp will be used on the throttle body)

Here you can see the four-ply construction, the square section for throttle body alignment and the ribs on the inside of the hoses.

Step 1:

The first step is removal of parts to access the two hose clamps which are on the throttle body and the IACV.

Remove airbox:

Using pliers pull up the three expanding clips on the air scoop and detach the scoop and pipe from the airbox. Using the 10mm socket remove the two bolts from the airbox and release the two clips holding the airbox to the MAF. Remove the airbox.

Optional step here is to remove any strut brace.

Remove microfilter housing:

Twist the three thumbscrews on the microfilter cover and remove it. Also remove the microfilter, noting the dirty side goes downwards.

Using the T40 torx bit remove the four screws from the microfilter housing. Unclip the hose carrier to release the microfilter housing, remove it.

Remove drug bin wall:

Remove this sealing strip.

Twist the two thumbscrews on the wall, release the grommet holding the hose from the wall and remove it.

Remove the DISA:

Disconnect the DISA electrical connector. Using the T30 torx bit remove the two screws from the DISA and remove it.

Move vacuum thingy:

Using the T40 torx bit remove the screw from the bracket and move the thingy out of the way.

You can now access the two hose clamps on the lower boot on the throttle body and the IACV.

Step 2:

The second step is the removal of the original boots.

Disconnect the MAF electrical connector. Using the 6mm socket release the MAF from the upper boot and remove it.

Using the 6mm socket release the two hose clamps on the lower boot on the throttle body and the IACV. Pull the F-piece out of the upper boot and remove the boots.

Using the 6mm socket release the two central hose clamps on the boots and remove the hose joiner, we will reuse this piece.

This is my original lower boot, who knows how long this has been split

This hose was 66k miles old.

Step 3:

The third step is the assembly and installation of the new Stett hoses using the original hose joiner and clamps. Put the new hose clamp on the throttle body, this is because the original clamp in this location will not be long enough. I cleaned the hose clamps as they were quite dirty. Do not overtighten these original style hose clamps as they will snap.

You may have to used the flat bladed screwdriver to pop the hoses onto the joiner.

Install the Stett hoses onto the throttle body and IACV, the square section on the lower boot aligns inbetween two protrusions on the throttle body, you will have to feel under the throttle body to check this.

Using the 6mm socket tighten the hose clamps on the throttle body and IACV. Note the orientation of the center hose clamps, this is so you can access them when the other parts are fitted.

Plug the F-piece back into the new upper hose and reconnect the MAF electrical connector.

Step 4:

The final step is to reinstall the components removed in step 1. The order should be:

Vacuum thingy
Drug bin wall
Sealing strip
Microfilter housing
Microfilter and cover
Air scoop and pipe
Strut brace

Job done
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