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Originally Posted by DuBB725 View Post
I have an e46 that does not include navigation, just the stock business radio.
I am looking into buying the Dynavin dvn-e46 screen, etc... You know what I am referring to.

#1) Since I do not currently have a screen set up is this install more of a pain in the @$$? Or is it even possible?

#2) If it is possible, what kind of readjusting am I looking at having to make?

#3) Can this system be integrated with the OEM BT microphone or is that ugly aftermarket one required for use?

I'm sure I can make this work, but I can't find any feedback on people who only have the business radio set up

1 - its about average as far as stereo installs go. everything is plug-n-play.

2 - you do have to get the hvac relocation housing. thats easy to do as well. you have to take out your sunglasses holder, but all it is, is screws and snaps.

3 - i cant speak on the factory BT. i dont have it on mine. i tried the dynavin BT and i am told that it has a ton of background noise. but there was a workaround for it. but i dont use the BT much, so it doesnt bother me.

for what its worth and for the price its the best system out there. you get a radio, ipod, BT, dvd, cd, aux, back up camera, nav, touchscreen, and a few others that i cant remember right now for about 1/2 the price of the next competitor. i have the v4, and it had its issues, but for every issue there was a work around for it. go through jeff @ dynavin solutions. he is a vendor here and has epic customer service. he will take great care of you. he has tons of info on his dynavin thread, that is definitely a mandatory read. and if you do have an issue that you just cant figure out, jeff will more than likely know how to fix it. the biggest selling point for me was that it looks oem.
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