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He's bsing, here's my reply....
LOL I just checked it out... a 330 has a compression ratio of 10.2 and a 323 has a comp ratio of 10.5......sooo let me get this straight. Their test car runs @ 9.5 PSI on RACE FUEL with a lower compression ratio, and then they tell you to run 11PSI on a HIGHER compression ratio motor lol....That would be the equivalent of them saying go blow up your I call BS.

"Boost was set to about 9.5psi. Fuel was a mix of 4 gallons of 110 and about 2 gallons of 91 left in the tank so making octane equal to 103.6. I'm starting to see the limits of the stock fuel system. Fuel pump is being maxed out at this level. I'm surprised the stock fuel pump can handle this much power. I'm sure the pump is going to start getting tired soon. Towards the end of the run, A/F starts going lean to 13.2."

Notice he says the fuel pump is starting to max out at 9.5 PSI.....there is no way in hell they'd tell you to run it at 11PSI.
I hate BS posts like this that get people excited so you can feel like an E-pimp....

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