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Originally Posted by tfoxsf View Post
Thanks for the great DIY. I just did it after work and completed a test drive to see if it solved my SES light. All is well again. I did however run into a problem I haven't seen yet on any DIYs. My upper intake boot has one plug on top (as noted in the DIY), but on that one plug, it splits into two parts. One is the thicker hose, one is a short thinner hose that connects to some sort of steel tube that goes under the engine.

The smaller one disintegrated when I touched it and I have no idea what it goes to. It did not affect the idle or performance during the test drive but I want to get a short piece of tubing to reconnect the hose. Any ideas what it might be used for? Makes me nervous.

See pics attached
Update: I ordered a coil of flexible vacuum hose from and cut a 4 inch section off. I then connected it to the bottom of the 'F' connector and then to the metal tube that is next to it (the tube then goes under the engine). Problem solved.
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