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I did the pads sunday n they r fxckin awesome now...I've never heard such quiet brakes, they are ceramic, chamfered, slotted pads with rubber shim silencers on the back and I used liquid aluminum seize stop on the backing as well. I found em on advanceautoparts dot com and they were on sale and they gave me an extra discount cuz I was a first time buyer with a new online purchase acct.

also I have had my abs, brake, and dsc lights on, on my dashboard for over 6 months now but I was too lazy and waiting for good weather to investigate it, plus I didn't really wanna start dishin 100's to new abs sensors and wiring...turns out those abs jumpers would've been a waste anyway cuz a tiny spot of corrosion on the wire coming out of the abs connector box behind the tire on the inside of the wheel well was cut into and has a gap in the copper inside the wire, so I jumped it and taped it up and started it up, drove ten feet and the lights all reset themsleves and went out... I swear I almost shxt myself...I was so pumped to have something actually work and get accomplished lately it hasn't been so lucky with my car...I guess one step at a time.
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