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Originally Posted by kuksul08 View Post
^People are quick to say you need disk brakes and suspension and this and that, but I learned on a rigid steel frame mountain bike from the 80's and I think it makes you a much better rider. Once you have exceeded the limits of the bike and understand them more you can decide whether you want to spend more on a full suspension bike or road bike or whatever. I still enjoy that old bike because it's efficient on the street and dirt and always a fun challenge.

I guess you never rode in rain/mud with normal v brakes before, otherwise you would recommend disc brakes to everyone and their moms.
But it's all true. It does make you a better rider and you don't really need dics, v-brakes with ceramic rims are very (disc-like) powerful. Not so much in mud, yes.
Would I wanna go back to v-brakes, no, but do I need discs, no.

I also learned to ride in the 80s, rigid and not even v-brakes...cantilevers, lol!
And I went 54mph down the suspension, no discs.
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