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wrong forum to ask, shark has nothing to do with forced induction really. Buuut, I put the shark on a while back on my 323i, at the same time, I did an ECIS intake, as well as a UUC exhaust (not headers, just the rear portion), and with all things said and done, I'ld guess an increase of 15+ hp, nice sound, higher rpm cap, it was a nice upgrade. Now whether you'll feel it as much only going with a shark injector....couldn't say. I'ld save up, go the route I did, find a used TSE1 or TSE2, buy a used intake on here and clean the filter real good and recharge it before install, get the shark injector, and see if anybody has a UUC or Rogue pulley set for cheap, or go with new Rogue cause they seem to have their pulleys in stock, vs. the typical wait with UUC brand new pulleys. Probably spend $1000 or so, would be a nice upgrade in power for a 2000 323i. Do this all in one day, if you're a DIYer and you'll feel the power increase for sure
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