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Originally Posted by jared_wiesner View Post
I really don't care much for dyno's, my butt is pretty well configured and I know when I've made gains.

However for the sake of the community I would like to get undeniable proof as to how cheaply I've made power with this car. So, after the tune I will be getting a dyno.

Does he do more of a street tune using a/f ratio and wide band sensors? Or is it the same deal as AA and Shark, just a one size fits most tune without tweaking to the cars response?
He can do both. Price will vary of course. LOL

He has basic tunes (no mods) he has tunes for mods as well (headers, intake, throttle body) you just tell him what you have done and he'll alter to it.

Installing a wideband , monitoring + tuning on the go will run you into the thousands. Do you even realize how much work it is? How many hours do you think he has to spend to monitor and tune? And plus you dont need all that.
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