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Originally Posted by kpeng View Post
What's the matter? Don't get your stancies up in a bunch.

I am most grateful my dear friend. I hope that under these circumSTANCEs, I can withstance the stancer.

That's Emporer Kpeng to you. Stance is not taught, you are born with it. You're either stance or you're not.
AH for now I see, for that I thank you Emperor Kpeng. Even though I am not yet born of this sort of Stance thing, I wish you luck on your journey of stancing, and give you the power too make great diSTANCE on your road to Stanceland where you are the king, and Emporer kpeng of all things. MAY THE POWER OF STANCE BE WITH YOU.

Originally Posted by captjones
my dad used to pat me on the head when i had very short hair & said:
"son, u'd make a fine toilet brush"

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