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Originally Posted by TxZHP04 View Post
If the heat doesn't kill me, I'll be tackling this over the weekend. I should probably go buy a small fan for the garage....

I've got a pretty good idea what needs to be done but I do have one area of uncertainty. Does the PS pump need to be moved out of the way or can it remain bolted in place?
Definitely forward out of the subframe and out of the way. Detached from the guibo, yes, but it can remain attached to the tie rods. At that point it's just floating so I had mine lashed to the headers, the sway bar and a stud on the driver's side shock tower while taking the oil pan off.

I must say that detaching it entirely, or more than I did, would make things a lot easier when removing/installing the oil pan. I just didn't want to deal with detaching PS hoses or tie rods.

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