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What? There was a splash shield preventing inspection of stuff you don't know about what could be 20 hrs. of diying time...including oil/ps leaks and suspension stuff he couldn't see coz there was something in the 'mechanics' way.

"It felt like a wheel bearing"? Put it on a lift and spin the wheel and listen with a stethoscope.

OP, hope this wasn't a very expensive PPI...if it wasn't, depending on cost of car, you might want to try again.

Otherwise, if you didn't know, figure you'd want to spend about 20-30% of the cost of the car for maintenance the first year or two...very rough estimate.

Just don't count on the car working. It may very well, but it may not. But don't be caught out buying a car you can't afford to maintain is all...and from that inspection, I'm not so sure. asked! Maybe it's just my suspicious nature.

Automatic or manual? Must be manual... Mileage, cost, and is this car remote from you and you've arranged an inspection, or have you driven it yourself too?

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