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Boiling coolant,,DUH!?!?!?!?

Well, my car's been driving jjjjust great til I found this problem..

On my way back to home today, low coolant light came on. Thankfully it happened two blocks away from my place.
So I parked my car, checked under the hood, and hhhoooolllllyyyyyy ssshh111tttttt!!!!!! Boiling coolant was coming off the cap

Seriously, this kind of disaster never happened before..It happened right in front of my face

So far, I've replaced thermostat, water pump(stewart), radiator cap and lower radiator hose. Expansion tank and upper radiator hose is old, but I don't think they could possibly cause this mess, yes?

I do know I need to replace auxiliary fan because of minor AC issue, but I'm not sure if a failed aux fan could heat up the coolant and eventually boil it. I thought when coolant heats up, thermostat does reduce the engine performance to prevent it from overheating..Perhaps coolant overheated beyond the thermostat's control?

Please give me any thoughts if anyone has experienced this mess before..
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