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Indeed it's a system..I tend to focus on one subject, a small picture, not the whole system, big picture..
Even though thermostat was replaced with new factory part, I'm going to take it apart and inspect it again..More sweating is better than more spending

Only mechanical fan works, fan clutch is in great condition btw, and auxiliary fan does not work anymore. Obviously motor is dead since E46s don't have relay, I need a new fan unit...
If you are correct about wrong water/coolant mixture caused the boiling point to drop, that means...the combination of dead auxiliary fan and wrong mixture did accelerate coolant to boil sooner?

If aux fan was working properly and water/coolant mixture was correct, it could've prevented coolant from boiling, then coolant would've never came off from the cap, THEN low coolant light would've never came on...Indeed it's a system, not just a part. +1 Doug lol

Ok I'll start with coolant mixture and replace auxiliary fan in near future..
You guys saved me from circling around and getting into deep confusion which happens all the time to me, thank you
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