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Nice; I'm an idiot? Because I spent money on broken parts?

All the parts I've replaced needed replaced. The alternator - I had no power; the fuel pump - I had no fuel; the fuel filter - it was clogged; the vanos seals - the idle dipped like crazy on start up; the expansion tank blew up because the cap didn't relieve like it was supposed to; the thermostatic fan was completely fried and not turning at all; valve cover gasket leaking oil all over the exhaust manifold; both cam position sensors; the thermistor in the cabin that controls the climate control fan speed and temp; every single window regulator.... I can go on and on....part after part has been failing. That is what I'm talking about.

As for this post and related problems; I replaced the ccv (it was defective), both intake rubber boots were cracked; multiple ccv vacuum lines cracked; the icv was full of carbon and not spinning freely...pulled the throttle body and it was full of carbon, now I am only left with one code and the car will actually run.

Had the tires checked for leaks and looks like all the bushings are worn, ball joints shot...all I can say is, "money pit"....when is the "maintenance" going to end.
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