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Originally Posted by dmax View Post
You should have some suction, just not a lot.

Also, you know the ccv is right behind the disa, and it wouldn't surprise me if it does buzz when it's failed a certain way. It makes a chewbacca noise, why not buzzing?

Just doublecheck your assumptions before you buy a disa. I know they fail, but I also know mine hasn't...though my and everyone else's ccv has failed after so many miles.

I wish there was a better test for ccv failure than the sucking bag!
Me too... so the ccv = oil seperator? and it is behind the DISA... someone told me the oil seperator was deeper in the engine (under the disa if you like)

apparantly if it sucks in, then the oil seperator is shot? im just wondering if its sucking in because the DISA is shot.. or are they both at fault (getting expensive )
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