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Originally Posted by uhhhmeeer View Post
This mystical stance world with wizards and wienerfagg0ts sounds a lot like narnia...

That being said... its probably located in your closet...

MY advice, come out of the closet kpeng.... we know its hard but you gotta fight through it.
Is it in there? Because I think it's all around us. Apparently you hail from the land of Butthurt douche anuses. Don't be upset because you do not understance the stance. Perhaps you are so stance that you have rejected the notion of stance and its popularity amongst your fellow douches. Relax, there's plenty of stance for everyone.

Also sounds like you have been to Narnia...have you Tell me of your time there. I wish to learn of your adventures battling the Great Butt Rapist, or how you defeated the evil witch despite being born from a testorone-challenged father and a mother who was once a man herself. Do share your experiences, wise one.
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