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Originally Posted by Liam.attwood View Post
Me too... so the ccv = oil seperator? and it is behind the DISA... someone told me the oil seperator was deeper in the engine (under the disa if you like)

apparantly if it sucks in, then the oil seperator is shot? im just wondering if its sucking in because the DISA is shot.. or are they both at fault (getting expensive )
Yes, Crank Vent Valve is the oil seperator. It is under the intake manifold, burried under there. So I wouldn't say it's just behind the DISA.

I always heard the best way to know if it was bad, is when you turn the car off, if you hear the loud chewbacca noise. Not the mild 'whoosh' noise, but a loud noise. There is a video on here somewhere. I've never heard of a buzzing sound associated with the CVV.

The crankcase 'sucking' won't have anything to do with the DISA.

I knew my DISA was bad when I pulled it out. It has a flap that is held open (or maybe closed) with a spring. The DME will close it as needed. Just pull it out, and make sure the spring isn't broken. It should be real obvious. BUT, if it's buzzing, I guess the problem could be electrical related with the DISA.
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