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Originally Posted by slowguy View Post
As I read these posts I am wondering if I am the one being replied to?? 15 year old car - it's a 2000; cheap chinese parts? - with the exception of one cps sensor, all have been german made oem? My wife driving caused the problems?....yes, I'm sure that's why the vanos seals were bad, the fuel pump went, the alternator burnt up, and so on.....I is her car - I drive the Mercedes.

I just simply wanted advice about simple procedures - with the help of the board I've done every single procedure with no problems - I own my own mechanical/technical business and I have a masters in IT...I think I can handle it. Finally, "AAA"...."kids"..... I have neither.

I don't need opinions about chinese crap, or being called an idiot for no apparent reason...those posts are just glossed over anyway. Those post are put up for the poster only to make him/her feel better about themselves.

For those of you who are here to save money, like to do projects yourself, and like giving constructive advice...I thank you. Your advice and experience has been invaluable. It would have been a much "bumpier" road without you.
FYI some "german made" stuff is just reboxed Chinese stuff. For all Sensors with maybe the exception of the 02 sensors. Stick with OEM BMW or you will have issues.

It just seems to me you are justifieing all the part because the code is there?? Just because a code exists does not make that part faulty.

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