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My two posts taken from a similar thread...

FIRST (Modified to meet the needs of OP)

Originally Posted by shawn310 View Post
What is a good body kit set to make my 2000 bmw 328 ci 2 door silver look like an m3?

Any suggestions?

u want racecar look LOLZ google body kitz man gud stuff ROFLZ N STUFF

Seriously? A BODY KIT? No. Just... No. An M3 front bumper is about all I would do on a pre-facelift car. Side skirts? Maybe. The rear bumper will require you to completely redo the exhaust. I'm not a fan of quad exhaust on non-M cars.


If you're seriously looking for some off-the-wall body kit that looks like it came straight from a "Fast and the Furious" movie, go to They'll be happy to sell you something you will regret buying.


With all that said, just play it safe and get an M3 bumper. Nothing more.
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