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Originally Posted by Jools View Post
A car with 160k miles is a car with 160k miles. I've basically only ever owned Hondas, Toyotas, and BMWs and, ironically, my BMWs (my current 2003 330Ci with 60k miles, a 1998 540i 6-speed that I just sold a few months ago with 98k miles, and a 1996 740iL that I owned for six years and sold with 110k miles) have been the most absolutely trouble free cars of the lot. Of course, that's probably because they've all been relatively low mileage. We own a 2004 Civic with 145k miles that I've pumped a decent amount of money into, but I'd never call it a money pit or unreliable - in fact, I'd call it incredibly reliable given the mileage and usage it sees.

What I'm saying, slowguy, is that I think people in this thread are responding as much to your tone as anything else. Every high mileage car I've ever owned has been at its most expensive in the 120-180k mile range. It's just the point where all the not-quite-maintenance-but-not-quite-lifetime stuff begins to fail and you start to see the longterm impact of neglecting regular maintenance at lower miles. It doesn't help that you seem to be ignoring the #1 and #2 rules of DIY car repairs: the cheapest possible fix always comes first and take it to a professional when your only other option is throwing money at multiple possible solutions.

Good luck in any case. Hopefully you're coming up on the light at the end of the tunnel.

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