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Originally Posted by Solidjake View Post
All you need is is this:

floor jack and one jack stand
philips screwdriver
I think Torx 20 head
8" extension
8mm socket or 8mm wrench
9mm socket
13mm socket
fan clutch tools
OEM electric fan: 17117561757

- Jack up one side of car (I did the drivers side) and put one jack on the metal plate
- Remove the 8mm bolts holding bumper to the fender liners
- Take out the reinforcement bolts with 9mm socket/ratchet/extension
- Slide bumper out (unclip wiring for fogs and horn)
- Take out the top air intake
- The center duct is held by four pop in screws
- Aux fan is held by four 13mm nuts, take them out
- Disconnect the aux fan by the fan shroud in the engine bay
- Slide the fan out
- Put the center duct back in and top air intake
- Put the front bumper back on in reverse order (slide in, put in the two reinforcement bar bolts and the assorted bolts to the liners.
- Next you have to take the mechanical fan out
- Pop out the fan control unit on the shroud and the other wiring and put them to the side
- Take out the 1 torx screw on the passenger side top and loosen up the fan shroud
- Use the fan clutch tool to loosen the bolt and take out the assembly
- Take your electric fan and slide it against the radiator and screw in the torx screw
- Plug the electric fan to the connector where the aux fan was plugged into
- Place back the control unit and the other wiring to the electric fan shroud

Viola, you're done.

I will make a DIY video later.

Quick question. I'm in the middle of doing this. At the point of taking out the 4 plastic phillips head screws. Are they in any special way other than the norm? They are not budging. Meaning, I have them backed out, but after that, I can pull them out. Had my non-marring pry tool behind them and everything, not coming out. Do I just really force it or am I missing something? Thanks.
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