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Originally Posted by Lemonsqr View Post
I dont know where you are getting the info for $2 gas, but could you pass it along? Its $3.5-$4+ now, but point taken, prices in US look very good compared with Sweden. $3.94 here, but my e46 takes 90+ octane so I am looking at $4.34 range
Just look down below your comment and you will see one of the prices some pay. Itīs funny that you had to mention my comment about the gas price.
I donīt know if you read all the comment in this thread before you reply to anyone, but i do.

The point was that you understood what i was referring to but still you had to question your SELf where i got the number 2-4 dollars.

But if you donīt know your 3,5 that you mentioned is between 2-4
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