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Project BMW 357i V8 from UK

First post


I thought you might like to see my little project I've been doing & am part way thro. I've been posting it on E46Zone so I've copied it over hope it works...

As some of you are already aware I do some wiring work for Craig Taylor @ DynoTorque / CAL Sport apart from running a motorcycle dyno Craig is also an expert fabricator/engineer & puts LS 1/2/3 engines into different cars I've wired a dozen or so up for him & the V8 rumble/torque has finally got under my skin so he's making me one

I've bought a 2001 325 M Sport Coupe for the conversion into which is going an LS1 5.7l GTO engine & 6 speed box, it's not 'just' an engine swap tho it'll need hand made header pipes, prop, steering rod etc & while we are it were installing the rear end from an E46 M3 to give the car an LSD upgrading the suspension & brakes as well as sorting all the niggles with the car.

It's going to take quite a while to do & the engine is on its way from Canada & should land end of May or early June, in the mean time I'm assembling/sourcing all the parts etc

The Car...

M3 LSD Diff & rear end

LS1 5.7l GTO Engine & box

Laser cut widgets for the custom headers

The Carbon cube trim was worn out on the drivers door & needed replacing as I had to the door trim off to fix the CDL I decided I'd have a go at painting the trim & see what it looked like

I think it looks ok not sure if I'll do the rest or just get a new carbon trim for the drivers door

All the old bits engine/box/ecu/diff etc will be up for sale soon if anybody is in need of parts.

Rear AP calipers being sized up for brackets onto M3 read discs

A quick update or backdate
I sourced an M3 propshaft from a local breakers for 95

Brakes are proving to be a tad more trying tho...... The rear AP I'd sourced was TVR Cerebra I have a mate who has one (suprisingly enough with an LS V8 in it) & he had a matching AP for the other one I had so we swapped only for me to discover his AP a rear & mine is a front!!! Never mind I'm still going to get the brackets made up & when another rear caliper turns up I'll fit them then.

Front brakes are causing problems too well the brembo I won on eBay hasn't turned up lots of comms from the seller before I paid & zero since, his auction said the item was in Malvern & cash on collection but when I'd won he made some story about being on holiday in Aus for 5 weeks & his sister had them in newcastle so he could only post them etc... So I'm currently going thro the eBay dispute system....

Well I have to give eBay a thumbs up money was back in my account by lunch time yesterday & I 'think' I may have sourced some AP 4 pots too

Loobed my old black MV1's on still not sure on what to do about wheels unlike most I really like MV1's but this is 3rd car that's had them,,,,

Well the scales say 1421KG lets see how much it gains when it's finished.

Craig measuring up for the mounting brackets for the AP Calipers & bigger discs


It needed a small spacer to clear the wheel but I'd intended to run spacers as the wheels sit to far in anyway so I popped next door & pinched some from driftworks....

Next up is the AP rear calipers

While I was @ driftworks I got Phil's old H&R anti roll bar off him for mine, my pile of stuff in the corner is getting bigger

Ready for bodyshop

Rear brakes are done

Car is back from bodyshop & Droftworks brought round a load of boxes (HSD's anti rollbars brakelines & loads of powerflex bushes.
The new radiator, engine mounts & fuel pressure reg/filter have been delivered too.

Engine should be here next week too Craig is stacked with big jobs so I doubt much if anything will start to happen for the next week or two but I'll be badgering him lots n lots!!!

Shiny things

Tomorrow I'm taking the subframe/diff etc out so I can measure up for the additional suports, I guess the project starts in ernest tomorrow

The engine is just waiting for customs clearance then I'll be off to London Port to collect it, I'm ready to burst!!!

We have started!!!

Complete back end removed so Craig can stiffen up the subframe mounting points

& it's a good job we were planning to stiffen the back end up.... the trained eyes will see the crack starting & the movement on the spot welds

Today I've removed the 2.5 engine/gearbox/wiring & front suspension.

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