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There isn't a lot of the car I bought left...... Tomorrow will be spent delivering all the bits I've removed to it's new owner & gettibg the boot floor ready for the DynoTorque upgrade kit.

Oh & more shiny stuff arrived today too

The DynoTorque subframe kit waiting to be fitted

I've not done much the last few days, Craig has had a look at the engine & the clutch is fubar'd It seems clutches are a weak point on LS1's & the clutch of choice is an LS7 but to fit an LS7 clutch you need an LS7 flywheel too all in about 700 ish Why did I buy that cam LOL after a bit of surching I found a brand new one that's been taken off a new engine for 300

Ive put the new front shocks on

Craig busy making a racket grinding & then welding in the DynoTorque subframe strengthening kit

Tomorrow I'll finish re-bushing the M3 subframe, anti roll bar & trailing arm & start sorting brake lines then I can re-fit the petrol tank & subframe maybe....

Painted the repair

Subframe poly bushed

& then got it back into the car

Got the rear suspension & brakes on & ran new braided brake lines to the front

How sad am I

Craig's been busy today

He's made an new steering arm & relocted the ABS

Going to be a slow couple of weeks on this now when I ordered the engine I ordered it with a certain type of sump unforttunately the breaker didn't have one so he fitted a different one thinking it would be ok so after a quick measure up it defo won't fit with this sump & I've been able to source one in the UK so the sump he's fitted is being sent back & a the correct sump is being sent out to me, so just a case of being patient which is something I fail at!!!! The frustraiting thing is had he asked we'd have told him the sump he fitted wouldn't work.... until the sump is in Craig can't mount the engine, so he can't make the headers or get the propshaft modded & I can't start the wiring etc....

Anyway I can't post without one pic so here's what the engine looks like with no sump

I've made a start on the wiring....

& pushed it outside for a wash

The black wheels look better clean & in the sunlight

& That's where I'm at stuck waiting for Calspeed to send the correct sump & ThunderRacing to send the cam...

Has anybody else done one of these & can give me some help with the can bus tacho & coolant temp??

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