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Originally Posted by Jools View Post
What I'm saying, slowguy, is that I think people in this thread are responding as much to your tone as anything else. Every high mileage car I've ever owned has been at its most expensive in the 120-180k mile range. It's just the point where all the not-quite-maintenance-but-not-quite-lifetime stuff begins to fail and you start to see the longterm impact of neglecting regular maintenance at lower miles. It doesn't help that you seem to be ignoring the #1 and #2 rules of DIY car repairs: the cheapest possible fix always comes first and take it to a professional when your only other option is throwing money at multiple possible solutions.

Good luck in any case. Hopefully you're coming up on the light at the end of the tunnel.
So far, I think this is the most relevant post when considering "opinions". All things considered, I didn't need or want opinions I just wanted mechanical answers. I guess some took offense when lightly calling the car a money pit...and I do have a very competent indy shop...when I need it.

For those of you who consider alternators, fuel pumps, cps sensors, the entire cooling system.. etc...maintenance, I beg to differ. No other car have ever owned required a complete cooling system replacement recommended at 80K miles...oh yeah, and the indy shop agrees. Ball joints I can see, but the bushings and all the joints in the car? All the window regulators?

Please don't take my posts as complaining...just surprised at the what is considered maintenance for this car. Up until this point it has been fairly reliable...and I have done "maintenance". Change filters, change oil, replace parts as they break, tires rotated, etc...this is what I typically know as maintenance. In the past it seemed that if you did these things, break-downs were few and far between and spaced out so as to deal with them easier.

With in the span of six months I've had thousands of dollars worth of failed parts...oh yeah, and guess what...until i bought the car at 120K it had always been maintained by the dealer.

Finally, I will say that EVERY SINGLE part I've replaced...with the exception of ONE CPS sensor was defective. That was my fault because I bought it off ebay...never happened again. after that all parts were genuine bmw parts. Thank you for the posts that are actually constructive...I couldn't have done half the repairs without this forum. And I hope someday I can meet with wasp9166, so we can have a "discussion" about intelligence.
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