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Originally Posted by Nervous View Post
What is actually a real benefit in using M3, or especially solid rubber mounts on a street car that never races? As I understood they will introduce extra vibration (vs stock mounts) - what is the point?
The stock M3 mounts are also used on 325/330 xi models. They are slightly stiffer but not enough to create objectionable levels of vibration and some people may not even notice a difference. I think most people with otherwise stock cars hope the M3 mounts might last a little longer than the non-M mounts. There are also a lot of folks here who do track their cars and the added stiffness helps keep the motor fixed in place which has a number of benefits.

You are correct that the solid rubber motorsport mounts will add a very noticeable level of vibration. I run them because my car is supercharged and makes considerable more torque than a stock M3, plus, I actually like to be able to tell that my engine is running. Unlike urethane motor mounts which can add excessive levels of NVH, the solid rubber motorsport mounts are still quite civilized. There's just enough vibration transmitted to give the car a little character and the shifter is held rock solid in place under hard acceleration and corning.

For those most interested in a vibration free mount, stick with stock. For those wanting a slight performance upgrade with little compromise in comfort, go with the M3 mounts. For those wanting a substantial performance upgrade with a mild compromise in comfort, go with the solid rubber motorsport mounts. For those wanting the ultimate in performance for track use where NVH is not a concern, get the Vorshlag urethane mounts (or better yet, go with their Nylon mounts).
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