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I changed the hydraulic tappets - noise is now gone.

I bought 8 of them (8 valve engine) cost me 160 euro.

Did the work myself.

I bought this tool (40-50 euro)

so that I could take out the old tappets without removing the camshaft etc.
All it does is compress a valve spring so that you can easily remove the cam follower and just lift out and replace the tappets.

The tool took a while to set up right for the arkward working space, but all and all it took probably 2 hours, maybe more.

*****NOTE -
before you compress the springs, study the position of the cams and valves so that there is enough space to remove the followers past the cam lobes, also you don't want to hit a valve off the piston when compressing the spring with the tool. To move the cam position, turn the starter for a SPLIT SECOND (remove all tools and loose parts from the area so that nothing gets broken or caught in the camshaft)
Also, when putting the followers back in, it is important that when you compress the spring you also (using a screwdriver or something) put a bit of pressure on the top of the valve so that it moves WITH the spring and doesn't become un-clipped and fall into the cylinder.

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