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Originally Posted by clint999 View Post
all great and exciting teams have had their share of bandwagon fans. the lakers had it, the celtics had it, the bulls had it, etc. you think the lakers would have as many fans as they do today, if they didn't have kobe and/or if they were a losing team?
Lakers and Heat are on two different levels. LA is the second largest market in the US, and aside from the Celts, no team has a legacy like the Lakers. Factor in they've been in the league since the beginning, have a rafter full of hall of famers and are deep in the playoffs 80% of the time, and you can understand why they have and will continue to have a deep fan base.

Miami on the other hand, is a small, non sports town. Have zero hall of famers, one ring and the only jersey in their rafters is Michael Jordan. Between the 06 championship team and this years team, their arena was empty.

They are bandwagon central, which in their defense is often the case for younger, small market teams. But no way to compare them to a team like LAL, which is almost synonymous with NBA basketball.

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