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Hey Steve. I did figure it out, most of the way. I had the Parrot controller connected into the cable incorrectly...doing these projects in daylight is a huge help. Now the controller works fine, but I don't seem to have any volume control on the steering wheel. Only way to control volume on a call is with the controller (which I kept in the glove box for access, at least for now). I understand that my phone (a Sprint Evo 4g, Android of course) won't do voice dial through bluetooth, but my assumption was that I should be able to control in call volume from the steering wheel controls (and not have to rely on the Parrot controller).

Any thoughts on this? BTW, clydesdale helped me out on making a patch cable with a resistor, using your instructions to him. It's not a beauty, but I think it's going to work. Thanks to both of you.
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