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I had a 2004 with ZSP 17" went to 19"....all depends on the roads. Will make the car a bit slower but since it is not a drag will not notice.

Main factor is check the roads where you live for potholes. I could have went 19" with my 911...but after having 19" on my E46...decided to go 18"......easier on the pot holes, cheaper on tires, and main thing...if you get a blow out on a 19 inch....unless you are in a big might have to wait to get one. Think about that. Yes...19" do look nicer, but they are more expensive.

17" M3 reps on my old E46: (SPORT SUSPENSION ZSP...ON BOTH PICS)

19" rims on the same car...same OEM ZSP springs...

Old 17" light weight Porsche 911 rims:

Current 18" drop on the 911....:

Just some pics to ponder.....and all of the pics are old. E46 is gone and the 911 is different now.
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