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My Ride: 2002 325xi (163k)
122,500 miles; Purchased at 17,000 miles

Cooling system (105k miles):
  • Expansion tank and cap
  • Thermostat (replaced with an aluminum aftermarket)
  • Hoses (those 2 connected to thermostat and the one connecting lower expansion to engine)
  • Water temp sensor
  • Thermostat
  • Water pump
CCV (Crankcase ventilation and related pipes and hoses) - Done as PM - 110k miles

VANOS seals (Beisan) (110k miles) - done as PM - Valve Cover gasket and seals replaced

Oil Filter Housing (OFH) gasket (115k miles) - Was leaking onto front differential and PS hoses.

O2 sensors (all 4) - 110k Pre-cat - 120k Post-cat

Front axles - Replaced right and left one time each; rebooted a time or two.

Front control arm bushings (CAB) ~75k miles

Front subframe-to-control arm ball joints - Replaced after mechanic split open the boots with a pickle fork. 115k miles

EBOX fan that ventilates the EBOX into passenger compartment - 110k miles - This fan starts to "chirp" lightly and sounds like a little bird is in your ventilation system. $100 fan. Simple install.

Auto Transmission service (ignoring the "Lifetime" fill sticker) - new filter and replace 6 quarts ATF(110k miles); drain and fill 5 quarts ATF at 120k miles (done twice in order to get a more complete fluid replacement) - Done as PM - Redline D4 ATF

Differential drain & fill - front and rear - Redline gear oil - PM

Transfer case drain & fill - Done twice (110k miles & 122k miles) in order to get a more complete fluid replacement - PM

Power Steering hoses and reservoir replacement (120k miles) - Done as PM - The leaking OFH gasket (above) leaked on the rack-to-cooler line, making the PS appear leaky.

Alternator voltage regulator/brushes assembly replacement (120k miles) - done as PM

Sunroof shade clips

Window regulator - driver's

Spark plugs, fuel filter, tires, battery, brakes, etc - all replaced at normally expected times and "Inspection I & II" times.
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